EuropeanMarches 2015

Destination Brussels!

The Solfonica choir and orchestra is going to participate in the 2015 Euromarches, where we will be protesting against the austerity measures that are causing so much poverty and demanding a radical change in the policies of the European Union.

We have created this new space in our blog where we will hang documents which you will find of interest.

We invite musicians and choirs from different European countries to participate in the demonstration in Brussels on 17 October, when we will be performing three songs which represent the struggles and aspirations of Europe’s peoples.

In this space you will find links to the sheet music and we will add information about how to link up with us on the day as we receive it from the organisers, together with any information which we think might be of interest of those who wish to know more about the Euromarches.

We have also created the following email address where we can manage all the invitations to choirs and musicians: euromarchas2015solfonica@

For more information about the European Marches 2015, you can check in the blog:

logo_llamamiento    Appeal

icono pdf Download Appeal

logo_partitura   Scores/Lyrics/Midi files



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